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Course title 

DRM424 Projects in Digital Performance


Instructor Prof. Antje Budde

When 2-5pm, Tuesday. Sept.-Dec. 2021 (synchronous and asynchronous)
Where Zoom ONLINE (during Covid-19 crisis)
Department  Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto

Course Description Fall 2021


This rendition of the course will focus its research creation interest regarding the pleasure of learning (serious games and interactive/participatory performance) with a specific emphasis on agency/artistic intelligence and mental health/embodied knowledge. It will draw expertise, examples and research strategies from the works of the Digital Dramaturgy Labsquared and its local, national and international collaborators.


The course is based on three stages of individual project development and digital dramaturgy as experimental performance:

  • Phase 1: Exploration, research, inspiration and intuition

  • Phase 2: Proto-typing, intention, experimentation and project development

  • Phase 3: Critical making, presentation and reflection

  • Connecting tissue: All three stages are connected by a process of documentation and reflection.

We will experiment with:

  • Text-based storytelling

  • Visual storytelling (animation, imaging, QR codes, emoticon, hand drawings)

  • Audio story telling (voice to text, text to voice)

  • Object-based storytelling

Key categories/terms

  • Research creation

  • Performance/ Digital Performance

  • Pleasure of Learning/Serious games/ Learning plays/ Play/Game, Brechtian interactivity

  • Praxis/ Critical Making

  • Intelligence/ Artificial Intelligence AI/ Artistic Intelligence A/I

Course objectives

  1. Introduce concept, history and praxis of digital performance as research creation

  2. Introduce skills of digital dramaturgy and digital performance through experimental exercises

  3. Introduce lab reports for experimental research-creation projects

  4. Facilitate public-facing creative research, proto-typing and digital performance development

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