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Photos: Antje Budde

DRM368 Devising Theatre -Animating Bodies Fall 2022

Undergraduate Course

Instructor Prof. Antje Budde 

Teaching Assistant Alisha Grech M.A. (doctoral student)

When 2-5pm, Tuesday. Sept.-Dec.2022
Where Luella Massey Studio Theatre 
Department  Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto

Note: All students signed a media waiver and have given permission to use course documentation on this website.


Chairs/Neutral mask


Screenshot 2022-11-27 at 10.19.39 PM.png

Photos: Antje Budde


This course is concerned with one of the most ancient and most contemporary questions across performance cultures: how can we breathe life into something seemingly dead: an object – found or made, a written play character, a disengaged human body, a digital puppet, an avatar? How to create life and liveliness in mixed-media performance? Based on experimental methods of the Digital Dramaturgy Labsquared (DDL2) inspired by Brechtian praxis, East Asian theatre, indigenous creation stories and contemplating cutting-edge advances in technology, the arts&sciences, we will experiment with both the practical-artistic and conceptual-political question of animation, manipulation, mechanisms of power, magic and (losing) control. Students will work on solo, duo and group experiments.


Guest instructor: Dr. Michael Reinhart Sept.20, 2022


Photos: Antje Budde

Guest instructor: Candy Otsíkh:èta Blair Oct.11, 2022

The course is based on 5 stages of devising processes:

  • Stage 1: Building community, building common ground

  • Stage 2: Proto-typing, intention, experimentation

  • Stage 3: Critical making, testing, reflecting

  • Stage 4: Repetition, repetition, repetition

  • Stage 5: Performing, performing, performing

We are open to experiments with possibilities and choices of animating relationships:

  • Body-based storytelling

  • Text-based storytelling

  • Sound-based storytelling (singing, chanting, screaming, speaking, whispering)

  • Visual storytelling (animation, imaging, QR codes, emoticon, hand drawings, space drawings)

  • Audio story telling (voice to text, text to voice)

  • Object-based storytelling

  • Digital masks, physical masks

  • AI-based image, text, sound making

  • Object-animation (ppt, overhead projection, digital projection, stop-motion photography)


Key categories/terms

  • Devising performance - Research creation

  • Animation of stories, bodies, objects, ideas

  • Creation/creativity/ world-building

  • Performance/ Digital Performance

  • Pleasure of Learning, everyday performance

  • Praxis/ Critical Making

  • Intelligence/ Artificial Intelligence AI/ Artistic Intelligence A/I

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