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Instructor Prof. Antje Budde

Funded through the departmental lecture series

 Curricular Invitations: Modes of Restor(y)ation in Troubled Times

!!!! Hybrid event, in person and on Zoom

Luella Massey Studio Theatre, 4 Glen Morris Street, Toronto

What we hope to learn:

Of interest for our discussion is how we innovate the apparatus (institutions, creative praxis, machines, interfaces, data sets, learning methods, economic conditions) in service of artistic research, socio-political communication and making of community. How can we, as Bertolt Brecht asked, assess artistic labor by “assessing the apparatus in terms of its suitability for the art-work” rather than the other way round? When does an apparatus of product distribution turn into an apparatus for process-based communication aiming at alternative ways of making society/economy/equality?

The two guest lecturers have important insights to share - in times of profound crisis and conflict. They might or might not refer to Brecht specifically but they are building alternative apparatuses. We want to know more.


Tuesday April 16, 2024


"Reclaiming our Commons: Thoughts from Cultural Practice in the Arab Region"

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Dr. Helena Nassif - Multi-disciplinary researcher in culture and media studies; Director at Culture Resource (Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy) , Beirut

About Helena Nassif


Dr. Samar Kanafani - Social anthropologist, researcher; co-founder of the Ethnography and Knowledge Collective; and Consultant at Cultural Resource

About Samar Kanafani

Wednesday Feb.28, 2024 


Diego Rotman, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Creating an Inclusive Space During Wartime: (The) Green Terrace at Mount Scopus Campus (November-December, 2023)

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About Diego Rotman

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