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Antje Budde. Collecting Thoughts At Lake Ontario 2021.


Antje Budde. Toronto Park, Sharing Knowledge 2021.

Project title  

Collective/Collecting Intelligence

Explorations of Artistic Intelligence A/I in the context of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

BrAInsTOrm 27. March, 2021. 11am-1pm ish.

Via Zoom

Supported by SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG), offered by the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto


Antje Budde – Artistic Research Director, Digital Dramaturgy Labsquared, University of Toronto. Canada

Julius Heinicke - UNESCO chair of “Cultural Policy for the Arts in Development”, University of Hildesheim. Germany

Event Assistant:

Madeleine King - National Scholar Mentorship program awardee


Antje Budde. Birdie community project found in Toronto Jan. 2021


A FIRST OF THE KIND international - 34 people from 15 countries - live-zoomed wondering about if and how artistic intelligence A/I and artificial intelligence AI are related in multidisciplinary praxis and research creation and how it is collective. This brainstorm is the first step of possible international RESEARCH CREATION collaborations. This is a safe-space event, by invitation only.


Wondering 1: Collective Intelligence and the praxis of lumbung

Wondering 2: Artistic intelligence or A/I


20210327_DDL2 intelligence_Screen Shot.png
20210327_DDL2 intelligence brainstorm Screen Shot.jpg



Welcome and Land acknowledgement
- listen to Snotty Nose Rez Kids' songs "Boujee Natives" and "Son of a Matriarch"

Initial Wonderers – 5 min. each

Antje Budde 

Julius Heinicke 

Idea Sparkers – 5 min. each

Candy Blair – Indigenous dancer and maker, Turtle Island/ Canada

Ilja Mirsky – Digital dramaturg and cognitive scientist, Germany

Merriam Bousselmi - Theatre artist and playwright, Tunisia/Germany

Mohini Gupte - Theatre artist, collective Kahi Kalena, Germany/India

Gustavo Sol - Digital dramaturg, brain-computer interfacing actor, director. Brazil

Samuel Benagr - New Technologies expert and TV director. Ghana

Darren Moore - Percussionist, neural network artist. Singapore

Candy Blair Spark talk

Video talks

Gustavo Sol Spark talk

Darren Moore Spark talk

Other stuff

Mohini Gupte Spark talk

Ilja Mirsky Spark talk

Merriam Bousselmi Spark talk

Collected intelligence/ Zoom debate

Collective Artistic Intelligence

Samuel Benagr Spark talk


Collective (ex)Change - PARTICIPANTS

Awo Mana Asiedu - Theatre scholar. University of Ghana. Ghana.

Julia Braun - Cultural studies, University of Hildesheim, Germany.

Roberta Buiani - Science-artist and artistic co-director of ArtSci Salon at Fields Institute. Canada

Jill Carter - Indigenous theatre scholar and artist. CDTPS at U of T. Turtle Island and Canada

Felipe Cervera - Scholar-artist. Lasalle College of the Arts. Singapore.

Nina Czegledy - Curator and science-artist. Canada

Mark Chignell - Engineer, research director of Interactive Media Lab at U of T. Canada.

Marco Donnarumma - Media and Performance Artist. Germany.

Lynne Heller - Post-disciplinary artist, educator and academic. Data Materialization Lab. OCAD U. Canada.

Dave Kemp - Director Photography/ Integrated Digital Option at Ryerson U. Canada.

Johanna Kraft - University of Hildesheim. Germany

Gunter Lösel - Science-artist, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland.

Montgomery C. Martin - Projection designer and doctoral student, U of T. Canada.

Karyn McCallum - Stage and projection designer. Dalhousie U. Canada.

Jiv Parasram - Artistic director at Rumble Theatre. Canada.

Ilona Posner - UX consultant and educator. Canada.

Chris Salter - Design and Computation Arts. Concordia U. Canada

Kerstin Stutterheim - Documentary filmmaker, dramaturg, president of Academy of Media Arts. Germany

Vicki Zhang - Statistician and playwright. U of T. Canada.

Doctoral students of the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Ghana (Prof. Awo Mana Asiedu)

Belinda Ama Aflakpui

Johnson Sennah Kofi Gilbert

Joshua Paa Yaw Otabil

International doctoral students, CDTPS, U of T. Canada

Sanja VodovnikTheatre artist, sci-fi scholar and international doctoral student. U of T. Canada.

Yizhou Zhang - Theatre artist and international doctoral student. U of T. Canada.

NOTE: Many people listed above live between worlds. I included the location of where they are at the moment but they come from countries like Australia, China, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Singapore, Slovenia, Mexico.

Budde IMG_4100.jpeg

Antje Budde. Coffee shop Toronto 2020

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