Mentorships & Jobs - Collaborators

The lab is committed to support people through formal mentorship programs and paid labor opportunities interested in:

  • building new skills,

  • making new connections and

  • sharing the pleasures of learning.


XSEED Project 2021-23
This is a new 2-year project by the Digital Dramaturgy Lab_squared (DDL2, Prof. Antje Budde) in collaboration with the Interactive Media Lab (Prof. Mark Chignell) at U of T. This position will assist in working on our new research project "PLAYStrong - Promoting Student Resilience through Interactive Prototypes for Embodied Self-learning". The project aims at building interactive environments that help students in everyday stress situations in a competitive university context to assess their situation, explore alternative scenarios and game plans in a playful and embodied way.Inspired by projects of service engineering, UX design, and the Brechtian innovation of participatory learning plays (serious games) and the pleasure of learning

July 2021-June 2023 
Post-doc position at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, U of T
Dr. Sebastian Samur 

Feb.-March 2022
Doctoral Research Assistant - special projects/PLAY Strong
Amir Haidar, MA

Sept.2021-March 2022 
Creative lab project assistant/PLAY strong  work-study position
Liam Donovan (Depts: English and CDTPS, U of T)

20211129_Liam Donovan IMG_7609 .JPG

Sept.2021-March 2022 
Creative lab project assistant/PLAY strong work-study position

Stefania Stoica (Depts: French Literature and Neuroscience, U of T)

Jan.-April 2021 
Mentorship National Scholarship Award
Madeleine King 

It is with great pleasure to announce the first mentorship of the Digital Dramaturgy Lab_squared for the National Scholarship awardee Madeleine King. Madeleine, interested in theatre production, digital dramaturgy, media history, community-making and performance technology, will receive artistic advice, professional networking suggestions, creative research support and opportunities for skill development by her mentor Prof. Antje Budde. The DDL2 continues its support for women in technology, while Madeleine hopes to enrol in the production stream of the undergraduate program of the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies in Fall 2021.

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