Video shoot - When/ Where

Video shooting date: Saturday, June 5 and June 12, 2021

Locations: Cherry Beach, Cork Town Commons, Candy's kitchen, side walk, Toronto

Accountability song/ video soundtrack. Listen HERE

Accountability video. Watch HERE (pw protected)
NOTE The video will be officially released by Toronto Pride. Previews need to approved by Candy (Otsíkh:èta) Blair Watch HERE


The ‘Accountability’ project is about 2S (two spirit) people taking back positions of power.

Historically, members of the 2S community have experienced a lot of violence and trauma, the effects of which are still present today; a lot of people still struggle to retain teachings and use their voices. This presents a danger to Indigenous peoples as a lot of the roles that revolved around creating balance, keeping peace and protection in the community were held by 2S people.

‘Accountability’ (the song) calls out the predators in the music video cast members’ community and serves as a way for 2S people to step into their positions of power to tear down the systems of oppression that serve as threats to the communities they protect. The song also expresses the importance of self-reflection, re-evaluating our values and taking accountability.

Text: Candy Blair


Candy (Otsíkh:èta) Blair 

Ratsírahawi Blair 


Jennifer Alicia 

Natalie Llanes Nogueira 

Nayá Llanes Ramos

Michael White

Brendan Chandler

Sophie Dow 

Ricky Martin 

Kitsuné Soleil

Joseph Martin 

Creative Team/ Video:

Director: Candy (Otsíkh:èta) Blair 

Co - director: Cassandra Esso


    Cassandra Esso  (on the ground)

    Antje Budde (aerial, underwater)

    Candy (Otsíkh:èta) Blair  (additional footage)


   Antje Budde

   Candy (Otsíkh:èta) Blair 

Fashion Designers:

   Scott Wabano

   Ix Balam

Hairstylist: Ix Balam

Make Up Artist: Lexy

Production Assistant: Adé Abegunde

Special Thanks:

Doulas: Vera Kevin and Debbie Alleyne-Ellie

Caretakers of Ratsírahawi Blair:

  Ariel Boldeau

  Gillian Kyle


   Nicole Bell

   Mikki Schell

   Ethan Dankert Lannigan

Driver: Justine Shoreline


Digital Dramaturgy Lab_squared, Ruben Esguerra and New Tradition Music Mobile Studio, Toronto Pride, Two Spirit Committee/Pride Toronto

Creative Team/Music:

Composition, lyrics and performance:

   Candy (Otsíkh:èta) Blair

Music production: Savilion Beats

Music contributor: Joseph Enriquez