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Listed here are projects, that are creations of artistic and scholarly friends and that were supported by the Digital Dramaturgy Lab_squared through contributions of labor, expertise and/or resource sharing. The basis for these activities is solidarity. We can think of them as growing something together in a community garden.

A project by Candy Blair for PRIDE Toronto 2021.

The ‘Accountability’ project is about 2S (two spirited) people taking back positions of power.

More info HERE

Candy Pride video IMG_2901.jpeg

Project title Research as restitution and redress: the Great Lakes Canoe Journey and the transmission of Anishinaabewin through deep time”

Indigenous Research Capacity and Reconciliation — SSHRC Connection Grants 2018 -

Co-investigator 2018-19.

Principal investigator: Dr. Jill Carter

Project title An Exploratory Research in the AI-Mediated Arts”

Collaborator 2018-20.

Principal investigators: Dr. Pia Kleber and Dr. Tamara Trojanowska, University of Toronto. Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies.

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