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Sept.4, 2021

morning 10am-11 am Toronto  

afternoon 4pm-5pm Serbia and Germany

evening 10pm-11pm Singapore


Sept.4, 2021

Youtube live stream - watch from a distance

Mozilla Hubs virtual space - be part of it from within the gallery space

Go to

Enter code 880325

Welcome to our photo exhibition.

We will open this space as a live-streamed AND live-avatar exhibition performance using Mozilla hubs virtual space on Sept.4, 2021.

Don Sinclair’s avatar will welcome you in the virtual gallery space. He will also serve as your exhibition guide and storyteller on our YouTube live-stream channel.

Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 11.26.36 AM (2).png

Theatre of Affection 2

Project description:

We are presenting the images, poetry and performers that previously attended our online photo studio performance - featuring a historical plate camera -  in our live-streamed performance “Unboxing Imagination” on Aug.31, 2021. 

This is an experimental collaboration between the Digital Dramaturgy Lab_squared (Antje Budde and Don Sinclair in Toronto) and Stiftung Photographie (Martin Kulinna and Heike Sommer in Neubrandenburg).


Exhibition space design, digital technical director: Don Sinclair

Concept, artistic research director, curator: Antje Budde

Photographers: Martin Kulinna (plate camera) and Heike Sommer (digital camera)

Screenshots: Antje Budde

Global subjects of photography: 

Renusha Athugala , Art Babayants, Frank Brehe, Philip Brehse, Antje Budde, Roberta Buiani, Felipe Cervera, Anna Christiansen, Lars Crosby, Martin Kulinna , Shelley Liebembuk, Sebastian Samur, Heike Sommer, Don Sinclair, Dolores Steinmann, Kerstin Stutterheim, Joy Tanner, Yizhou Zhang

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