Performance and installation projects vary depending on research interest, art/performance festival themes, conference settings or entrepreneurial fair curation. Of particular interest are projects that integrate art and science, are cross-cultural, queer-feminist and/or multi-lingual. Quests for social change are essential.

Project title Streaming Life: Storying the 94.

A site-specific truth-activation on the St. George campus of the University of Toronto.

A restory-ation of University of Toronto's School of Graduate Studies (SGS).

Time: Oct.13, 2021. 8.30pm EDT.

Location: Online and 63 St.George St., Toronto. 

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Oct.13, 2021

A collaboration between members of the working group Native Performance Culture and the Rhythm of (Re) Conciliation: Remembering Ourselves in Deep Time with Sto:Loh author, educator and Knowledge Keeper Lee Maracle and the Digital Dramaturgy Lab_squared.

Project title Minding Niimi/ Imagination/Imaging

A wood-wide web digital theatre in the round on inter-actions and politics between humans and trees

Presenting artistic and performative projects exploring our relationship-making with trees at intersections of de-colonializing politics, arts and science. 

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Sept.18, 2021. 1.30pm EDT. 7.30pm CET

Live-streamed into the world from Turtle Island, Canada, UK, Germany and Latvia. 

Project title Unboxing Imagination/Images 
Live Performing a Plate Camera - Interactively embodied performances among human FACES, a historical plate camera and digital FACES

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Unboxing_Screen Shot 2021-07-29.png

Aug.31, 2021

morning 10am-11.50 am Toronto/ Canada  

afternoon 4pm-5.50pm Serbia and Germany

evening 10pm-11.50 pm Singapore

night 12am-1.50 am Melbourne/ Australia

Sept.4, 2021

morning 10am-11 am Toronto/Canada  

afternoon 4pm-5pm Serbia and Germany

evening 10pm Singapore

night 12am-1am Melbourne/Australia

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International Multimedial Festival  IMAF, Serbia (Curated by Nenad Bogdanovic)

An experimental  collaboration between the ArtSci Salon, the Digital Dramaturgy Lab_squared/ DDL2 and Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology, York University

20201026_Niimi 2 rehearsal.jpeg

Candy Blair, Jill Carter, Nina Czegledy, Antje Budde and David Kemp testing outdoor live-streaming of interactive dance and projection of Niimi II (dance Candy Blair and Astad Deboo).

Photo: Antje Budde


Rehearsing Oracle Jane with the actors Amy Wong, George Bwannika Seremba, Frans Robinow. Photo: Antje Budde

27. October, 2020. 7.30-9.30pm

Live-streamed from within and outside the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences Toronto, Canada

ECODATA.The 5th Open Fields conference on Artistic Research, Science and Technologies and RIXC Art Science Festival 2020; October 8–10, 2020, Riga. 8. October, 2020.

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28. September, 2019.

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International Digifest 19. Creative Growth.
25-27.April, 2019