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Thursday, March 3, 2022. 4.30pm-6pm  ET

From our Zoom space directly live-streamed on YouTube

Facebook event details TBA

YouTube Livestream

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Credit: Screenshot from CO|R|PO video with permission of Taanteatro

Taanteatro on Vimeo


Maura Baiocchi - Choreographer and dancer. Sao Paolo

Wolfgang Pannek - Artistic director. Sao Paolo.

Taanteatro on YouTube

Project Description

Taanteatro Companhia is celebrating its 30th anniversary. They have recently published a book entitled Choreographic Theatre of Tensions about their legacy and are currently organizing their Ecoperformance festival 2022.

We are curious to learn more about their work, how their artistic concepts and praxis evolved and where they want to go next. In particular we are interested in connections between human movement and non-human movement (nature and artificial machines), how they do the labor of learning resiliency, playfulness and courage and how they are moving to move (with) us. We are also curious about aesthetic politics of laughter and critique.


1. Land acknowledgement

2. Introductions

3. Mini lecture (approx.15-20 min) by Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Panneck

4. Guiding questions

5. Conversation


Antje Budde - Digital dramaturg and artistic research director of DDL2. Toronto.

Susan Lee - Choreographer and Dancer, York U. Toronto.

Don Sinclair - Computational scholar-artist, York U. and DDL2. Toronto.


Candy (Otsíkh:èta) Blair - Interdisciplinary Artist. Tkaronto

Mark Chignell - Director of the Interactive Media Lab, U of T. Toronto

Ilja Mirsky - (Digital) Dramaturg and scholar on human-ai interactions. Zurich, Tübingen.

Yizhou Zhang - Experimental theatre maker and doctoral student, U of T. Toronto

Reece Caldwell, Representative York Dance Ensemble, York University, Toronto

A collaboration between

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Digital Dramaturgy Lab_squared

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Organized and funded jointly by AMPD at York University as well as DDL2 and Interactive Media Lab's current research project PLAYStrong – Promoting Student Resilience through Interactive Prototypes for Embodied Self-learning. (supported by the XSeed research initiative, Department of Engineering and the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto)

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