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Course title 

DRM368 Devising Theatre. Brecht. Learning. Play.

Undergraduate Course

Instructor Prof. Antje Budde
Teaching Assistant Hillary Sunberg

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DRM368 Mahek Jaindani IMG_5805.jpg
DRM368 Mahek JaindaniIMG_5809.jpg

Photos: Mahek Jaindani - Self-respect inscribed on co-performers' arms using an eye liner in her solo project

When Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Duration 4-5.30pm
Where Luella Massey Studio Theatre, 4 Glen Morris St.
Department  Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto

Project title: Daily Cycle


In our collective group creation “Daily Cycle” in the course “DRM368 Devising Theatre: Brecht. Learning. Play,” we will use devised performance simulations to illuminate hidden power relations that underlie daily U of T student experiences. From the lecture hall, to lunch, to the subway, and back again, we will explore the unconscious realities that go unnoticed in the spaces that we as students occupy every day. The result of three months of experimentation, this is an original compilation that pieces together work produced by students throughout the semester. 

Originally playfully utilizing Bertolt Brecht’s learning play “Lindbergh’s Flight” as a starting point of experimentation and exploring his collective creation techniques as methodological inspiration, our presentation makes visible social apparatuses that may not be apparent to all, and asks the question: “If the light doesn’t work, does the invisible marker still write?” 

 Our goal is to guide our audience through student-designed collective making exercises to identify persistent power dynamics and begin to address the roles they play in our daily encounters. We invite you to join us in the Luella Massey Studio Theatre on April 2nd to help us explore, co-create, and together ask questions.

Author: Students

Performance Facilitators/ Collective Creators

Hillary Adebayo (Simulation Student/Subway Goer/Server)

Elle Baron (Simulation Public Announcer)

Antje Budde (Course Instructor)

Gabriela Chanen (Simulation Student/Hostess)

Macarena Coronado Harmen (Simulation Student/Subway Goer/Server)

Farah Fatola (Simulation Fare Inspector/Server)

Grace Huestis (Simulation Lecturer, CAP Coordinator)

Mahek Jaindani (Simulation Student/Hostess)

Valeria Macgregor-Ordonez (Simulation Fare Inspector/Server)

Anna Novak (Simulation Student/Subway Goer/Server)

Rebecca Robitalle (Simulation Fare Inspector, CAP Coordinator)

Hillary Sunberg (Course Teaching Assistant)

Jialing You (Simulation Student/Subway Goer/Server)

Past Student Contributors: 

Unwoo Ho

Kristina Lavrentyeva


Invited guest (collaborative music experiments) Feb.2, 2024: 

Lars Crosby, Sound Artist, Berlin 


(Hands-on) Guest lecture by our TA on physical theatre Feb.13, 2024:

Hillary Sunberg


Special thanks to:

Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, U of T

DDL2 --- Digital Dramaturgy Lab_squared

KMDI Maker Space, U of T

DRM368 world theatre day video IMG_4094.jpeg

March 27, 2024 World Theatre Day video

Photo: Antje Budde

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