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Credit AI manipulations: Antje Budde and xxx data sets and labor of collectivity

Course title 

DRM368 Devising Theatre. Brecht. Learning. Play.

Undergraduate Course

Instructor Prof. Antje Budde
Teaching Assistant Hillary Sunberg

Spring 2024
When 3
-6pm, Tuesday
Where Luella Massey Studio Theatre, 4 Glen Morris St.
Department  Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto

Course Description Spring 2024 

In this course we will be exploring Bertolt Brecht’s ideas about the apparatus (both technologically and socially), learning as creative and playful performance, and theatre as an investigative dramaturgical praxis for social change. His revolutionary concept of participatory and inter-media learning plays will serve as a model for collective creation.


The course is based on 5 stages of devising processes:

  • Stage 1: Building community, building common ground

  • Stage 2: Proto-typing, intention, experimentation

  • Stage 3: Critical making, testing, reflecting

  • Stage 4: Repetition, repetition, repetition

  • Stage 5: Performing, performing, performing


Course objectives

  1. Introduce concept and praxis of collective performance creation

  2. Techniques of research-creation/dramaturgy and performance

  3. Introduce maker skills through experimentation

  4. Introduce de-colonizing perspectives of making/ world-building

  5. Facilitate public-facing creative research, proto-typing and performance development (NOTE: signing of media waiver will be required)

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