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Course title 

Creative Labor and the Science of Awe 

Graduate Course

Instructor Antje Budde 

Supported through matched funding by the Provost's ITIF Instructional Technology Innovation Fund (U of T)and the department

When 2-5pm, Tuesday. Sept..-Dec. 2019

Where Luella Massey Studio Theatre 

Department  Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto


The science of awe is an emerging new field of inquiry in psychology and cognitive science, exploring the nature and benefits of a sense of wonder and surprise in humans while also speculating on processes of machine learning/ artificial intelligence. In this new course we will investigate plays, dramaturgies/techniques and (live, virtual, artificial) performances of awe. Students will have an opportunity to experiment and critically create a project of awe to be presented at the end of term. Participants in this course - following a strong sense of self-direction, accountability and ethical professionalism - are expected to dive deeply into interdisciplinary research across arts and sciences and to playfully invent something, they didn’t know before. This course will be taught every week alternating between lecture/discussion sessions and making sessions. This is a project by Antje Budde’s Digital Dramaturgy Lab_squared

Creative labor MA graduation.png

Solo projects

  • Emergency Emotion. - Induction Procedure. Emily diCarlo

  • Mess in Neat. Explorations of VR and performance reality. Shel Sun

  • PN≠(A=C): An Autobiograph. Ryan Borochovitz

  • Femicide. Violence Against Women. Turkey. XXX

  • Zombie Poet, or the Work of Art in the Age of AI. Yizhou Zhang

  • Working Class Requiem. Susie Burpee


Group projects:

To Somewhere Higher- What kind of labour gives us happiness?
XXX, Emily diCarlo , Yizhou Zhang

The Wood began to move- Source: Macbeth. Act 5. Scene 5, Line 39
Shel Sun, Susie Burpee, Ryan Borochovitz

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