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Sometimes I'm or we are  invited to share insights and sometimes I/we participate in symposia or conferences to test my ideas and practice my listening skills. In any case, I'm always grateful for opportunities of sharing knowledge and curiosity.

Wednesday, Sept.20, 2023. 6-8pm


Augmented Self: Can Generative AI be more than just a tool?

ArtSci salon at the Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Science, Toronto

Moderated by Roberta Buiani (ArtSci Salon's Artistic Director)

Talk title: 

Quiezi. 茄子 - Why eggplants are good for photography

A detective explores the world. Episode 1: Pictures.

Thursday, Oct.3, 2021. 10.30 EDT

On Zoom

Zoom Show

Naturalized Encounters

ArtSci salon at the Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Science, Toronto

Moderated by Roberta Buiani (ArtSci Salon's Artistic Director)

Thursday, Sept.30, 2021. 6am EDT. 12pm CET

On Zoom

documenta fifteen: project CAMP notes on education.

Lecture Series : Arts - Cultures- Policies - Educational Practices. Concepts and approaches worldwide

Curated by Julius Heinicke (UNESCO chair holder for cultural policy at the University of Hildesheim), and Ernst Wagner (project Exploring Visual Cultures / Academy of Fine Arts Munich) 

In collaboration with documenta fifteen in 2022, education and art mediationSusanne Hesse-Badibanga (head of department) , Camp project coordination: Katharina Hilgert

Talk title: 

Cutting Edge(s) – Struggling matter(s).

Notes on A/I (artistic intelligence) and digital dramaturgy as experimental performance


A bloody-nose performance lecture about unintended growth, global capitalism, and the spiky thing/being in-between

Thursday, Sept.5, 2021. 10am EDT. 16.15 pm CET

On Zoom

DRHA 2021. Digital Matters: Designing/Performing Agency for the Anthropocene, Berlin Panel/Performance:  Agency in the Anthropocene Müller,
Jägle (U. of Vienna/philomation) - de-marginalization: agential mattering of the virtual (?)
Budde (U. of Toronto) - Cutting Edge(s)  (digital)
Larlham (Independent) - Cancel the Apocalypse (digital)

Graduate Colloquia Series 6. December, 2019. 
Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto
In collaboration with the Knowledge Media Design Institute, University of Toronto

Deep learning is a term that WEIRDLY connects the praxis of experiential learning and practices of machine learning while AI, artificial intelligence, and A/I artistic intelligence, are also conceptual aspects of interest for our discussion.

Talk title 

Deep Learning/Labor of Survival -

On the performance installation "1000/1/5 – A consideration of 1000 first steps and the number 5" inspired by WOMAN in Gao Xingjian's play "Between Life and Death"

Feminist Working Group. 9. July, 2019. 

Shanghai Theatre Academy 上海戏剧学院

"Theatre, Performance and Urbanism" International Federation of Theatre Research (IFTR). Annual Conference. July 8-12, 2019


Book of Abstracts


Kulturstammtisch. 4. July, 2019. 6.30pm-8pm.
Hochschule Coburg  I  Campus Friedrich-Streib

Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen des Forschungsprojekts Schnittstellen zwischen Hochkultur und Kultureller Bildung, Wissenschafts- und Kulturzentrum, Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Coburg

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