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Credit: Antje Budde

Course title 

DRA1013 Modelling New Scholarship

Graduate - Mandatory Doctoral Course

Instructor Prof. Antje Budde

When 2-5pm, Tuesday. Sept.-Dec. 2023
Where Luella Massey Studio Theatre
Department  Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto

Reorienting Research - Student research mini conference
Dec.5, 2023

20231205_DRA1013 REorienting Research Conference_Dec.5_2023_Page_1.jpg
20231205_DRA1013 REorienting Research Conference_Dec.5_2023_Page_2.jpg

Credit: Program designed by students

Presentation summaries - ABSTRACTS created by the students

You can contact students about their research HERE

Short Conference Documentation -20 min.

Video documentation of each student presentation

Course Description Fall 2023


Course description (generic)

Modelling New Scholarship is a PhD-only seminar focusing on the practice of professional scholarship in drama, theatre, and performance studies. In the course, students cultivate the research, writing, and presentation skills necessary for success in graduate school and the professional sphere. It serves as an introduction to some of the most current scholarship in the field, and develops the tools—analysis, historiography, theory—required both to engage with and to produce original work. Students will examine how scholars translate their research into original contributions to the field: from dissertation chapters to conference presentations, to journal articles, and monographs. Students will also gain an overview of the profession, including relevant organizations, conferences, and journals, and learn how to gear their writing toward a particular audience. The seminar also considers the ways in which scholarship in drama, theatre, and performance studies both intersects with, and distinguishes itself from, other disciplines, including cultural studies, history, ethnography, and literary studies. The course may include a public humanities and/or community-based component.


Course description (specific)

Based on individual research interests of students attending this course, we will engage with those areas of research in addition to the above generally stated learning goals for this course. These include:

  1. Arts funding, theatre and education

  2. Applied Theatre Research
  3. Spectatorship/ Audience research

  4. Latin-American and diasporic Theatre


NOTE: The course is discussion-based and not a lecture course. Active student participation is key as a major purpose of this course is - beyond introductions to themes listed above - to facilitate each student’s specific research interest. Specifically keep in mind the doctoral project proposal the literature review and prospectus exam. Check the CDTPS graduate student guide for academic milestones and timelines.

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