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Photo: Antje Budde

Project title 

CONNECTIONS - Creative labour, innovation and entrepreneurship in/as performance

Mini-Symposium 30. March, 2019. 11am-2pm.

Performance Studio, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto

Supported by the SSHRC SIG fund at U of T.

Lead Team

Antje Budde - concept and organizer

Ilona Posner - KEY thought presenter

Trina Moyan - KEY thought presenter and performer

Vicki Zhang  - KEY thought presenter

Event program

1. Intro: Creative labour, labour of survival - Antje Budde - 5 min.

2. Quick intro by participants (name, background, interest)

3. KEY thoughts - Ilona Posner, Trina Moyan, Vicki Zhang - each 15 min.

4. Coffee, pizza

5. Brainstorm - round table discussion on IN(ter)VENTION

6. PERFORMance by Trina Moyan "The Cave that Hummed a Song" - A creation story about the 4 sacred medicines​.

Project description

The  (DDL)2  - my creative research lab - is currently in the process of developing a new project and grant proposals. In preparation for this I'm organizing a mini-symposium to map landscapes of ideas,  brainstorm wild dreams, and possibly  find collaborators and project partners (both research and companies). This project will serve as a conceptual and organizational preparation for the (DDL)2 ‘s intention to apply for the 2019 Connaught Innovation Award and perhaps the SSHRC Insight grant, focused on knowledge translation between disciplines, between arts/academia/businesses in the digital economies relevant to our fields.

Undergraduate student volunteers
Jianing Lu, Prithvi Kahlon, Bridget Kennedy, Brendan Rush, Andrew Kesik
Special thanks to CAP coordinator Rebeka Morrison.

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