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Photo: Antje Budde

Title: Painter at the Veste Castle


Photo: Antje Budde     Title: Setting up at the Museum with Antje Budde and Montgomery C. Martin

Project title: Homo Ludens. - Common. Play. Grounds.

Three day workshop contributing to the research project Intersections-Education-Culture  27.June - 6. July, 2019

Coburg University for Applied Sciences, Germany

Creative Team

Antje Budde - creative research director (digital dramaturgy, inter-action design, directing, multi-linguality)

Art Babayants - collaborator (multi-linguality, movement, acting, music)

Montgomery C. Martin - collaborator (projection design, technician, inter-action-design)

Local Collaborators

Prof. Dr. Julius Heinicke and doctoral research assistant Katrin Lohbeck M.A.,

Work-study student: Rowena Walker

Project location: Naturkundemusem Coburg

We are very grateful for the friendly support of the museum staff and the great assistance and technical support by Mr. Mike Schaffner.


Photo: Antje Budde     Title: Workshop impressions

Project description

We are working with three groups of student participants who study social work at Coburg's university. Each group is exploring opportunities for inter-active engagement with three cultural institutions in the city of Coburg:​

In our workshop we are provoking and facilitating innovative approaches to digital and physical interactivity between wo(man), machine, cultural institutions and the learning culture of play.


Photo: Friendly receptionist at the Museum of Natural History      Title: Group photo

Student Team



Schlag, Shirley Ann

Weinkauf, Vivienne (BW)

Omoragbon, Vanessa

Scheffler, Felix

Eckardt, Lukas

Brehm, Dustin (BW)

Jäger, Leon


Pfadenhauer, Leonie                  

Raudßus, Juliane                       

Jahns, Aylin                              

Peters, Rebekka

Gutierrez Diaz, Isabel Maria


Gorny, Dennis-Chris

Kaiser, Christian

Morgenstern, Clara

Ott, Sophia

Schele, Alisa Sophia


The workshop title is in reference to Homo Ludens, a book written in 1938 by Dutch historian and cultural theorist Johan Huizinga. It discusses the importance of the play element of culture and society. Huizinga suggests that play is primary to and a necessary (though not sufficient) condition of the generation of culture. The Latin word Ludens is the present active participle of the verb ludere which itself is cognate with the noun ludus. Ludus has no direct equivalent in English, as it simultaneously refers to sport, play, school, and practice.[2]. See more at Wikipedia. 

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