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FINAL show - DRM368 Devising Theatre -Animating Bodies Fall 2022

Undergraduate Course

Department  Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto

InstructorProf. Antje Budde
TA: Alisha Grech

Date: Tuesday, Dec.6, 2022
Time: 3pm-4.40pm
Venue: Luella Massey Studio Theatre
Address: 4 Glen Morris Street, Toronto
Tickets (limited) Contact

NOTE: Location is not wheelchair accessible
NOTE: Wearing face masks is strongly recommended

20220913_Photo by Sina.jpg

Photo: Sina


A number of event titles were generated through collective action. We are using all of them. Chose the one you like best!

  • Synchronicities

  • Gallery Exhibition

  • ‘D’-Like: D-vising!

  • ‘One Into Many / Many Into One’ OR ‘we came, we saw, we created’ 

  • Once Upon a Time in Devising Class…

  • Perspective: The Difference That Adjoins Us All. 

  • Creation: Moving. Animating. Together.

  •  Stand in Your Power: Co-Creation and Common Ground

  •  “The Collective” Creators Creating Creations…

  • Bodies in Animotion

20221122_DRM368 IMG_3523 photo Alisha.JPG

Photo: Alisha Grech


Agree on which projects created during the term will be presented and collaborate on the event organization and proceedings. Help set up and strike. Communicate your creation process to people interested.


  1. Presence - Gabriel - Live 

  2. Poetry Estranged - Ohryong (Olivia) - Live

  3. Trying: The Short Film. - Hannah - Video

  4. Soil. Water. Hair. - Sina - Live

  5. Dance. Puppet. Dance. - Ethan, Sina, Yinan/Reece - Video documentation of live performance

  6. Night and Kitchen - Don and Simon - Live

  7. The Sandmen- Molly, Simon, Teodora - Video documentation of live performance

  8. Can I Go Outside? - John, Gabriel - Video

  9.  We Are One - Gabriel, Hannah, Fedra, Selina - Video

Poster: Alisha Grech

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