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GROUP projects - DRM368 Devising Theatre -Animating Bodies Fall 2022

Undergraduate Course

InstructorProf. Antje Budde

Nov.25, 2022

Themes: (taken from individual student project notes)

physicality, devising with objects, power negotiation/inequality and the cultural industry, interfacing with music, cultural identity and hair, improvisation, memory loss, communication and health care, animating the dead, Halloween, memory making, animating personal objects, found materials, game-based performance (rules), food making, human puppets


Time limit for performances including setup and strike: 20 min.

Space: Luella Massey Studio Theatre – main and stage space; workshop space

Discussion: after each set of performances as time permits

NOTE: All performances will be video recorded by Antje Budde.


Take devising to yet another level and now co-create with another students a live, or mixed-media or screened duo project of no more than 20 minutes (inclusive setup, performance, strike) within the course framework of animating bodies.

Photos and videos: Antje Budde


  • Group 1: Bodies Animate.  By Rafina Chowdhury, John Cleave, Don (Tin Yui) Ku, Ohryong (Olivia) Kwon - live - main space, on and off stage area

  • Group 2: Dance, Puppet, Dance! By Sina Sasanifard, Ethan Verderber, Yinan (Reece) Zhou - live/main space - participatory

  • Group 3: We Are One. By Maria-Fedra Archimandriti, Hannah deVellis, Selina Jia, Gabriel Naidoo -  dance video

  • Group 4: The Sandmen. By Simon Adams, Teodora Djuric, Molly Dunnlive - live/ main space

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