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Instructor Prof. Antje Budde

Performance TITLE: 
“Who Cares About Hamlet: ‘To Be [a Capitalist] or Not to Be [a Capitalist]’—Wait, Is That the Question?”

Where and when:

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024


Luella Massey Studio Theatre

4 Glen Morris Street, Toronto

Created and performed by:
Tanya Humeniuk
Shiu Hei Larry Ng

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20240403_DRA3905 group project poster.jpg

Project description

Which stories get told? Who gets to tell those stories? And what would it mean to, instead, rip a story to shreds and dwell in the mess for a while?


In this absolutely unfunded meta-staging of Hamlet, nothing normal will happen. To come or not to come—that is the question!


The souls of the characters of Hamlet are coming back to fight for the right to tell their story. In this cut-throat competition, one character from Hamlet will survive and win the prized funding to put on their production of Hamlet.


As a participant, you are encouraged not to sit still. Inspired by Brecht’s learning plays (or Lehrstücke), this will be an interactive, playful, collaborative, tarrying-alongside-the-shit of a shitty capitalist system and faux-democracy learning experience.


We invite you to join us for some dialectical laughter-in-pain fun!

Tanya and Larry

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